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TEFLocal is positively different. We were created as an alternative to the corrupt international TEFL corporate corporateions and have been helping student acheive both TEFL & TESOL certification for the last three years.

TEFLocal was created as a social enterprise designed to improve communities on an organic level. All the staff are teachers who currently teach, maintain the blog, the website, everything. We are residents from multiple countries consisting of students, teachers, volunteers, and adventurers. We are your local guides, and hopefully your teaching community family and friends. We do not plan to franchise in such an uncontrollable manner, in fact we are happiest having just a north and south american office, any bigger and we might become like the other TEFL “schools” we think should be avoided at all costs. We think local and teach global…

Recently an international TEFL corporation came and kick us out of our home, this spells an end to the Buenos Aires chapter for TEFLocal, but we thank all the students and patorns for your help. We will continue to offer support and services for teachers and away from the big TEFL corporations that promote hostile takeovers, unethical business and bully tactics that unfortunately most TEFL providers promote along with their unaccredited certificates, often passed off as “degrees” and accredited by “academic boards.”

TEFL in San Telmo


One response to “About

  1. Dominique

    Hi guys,
    Anyone looking for a single room to rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina???
    We have a room free for short-term lets from end of October 2006…
    $20 pesos/day
    $120 pesos/week
    $480 pesos/month
    Send me an email – domflo@hotmail.com

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