Thank you TEFLocals.

TEFLocal was created as an alternative to the status quo TEFL industry. It was an idea designed to evoke the best out of people, teachers, and the localTEFLocal last class May 2007. community. It had a pro bono approach to volunteering, culture, and making a positive difference. Today a chapter ends with the official closing of TEFLocal Buenos Aires. I thank the hundreds of people that passed through our doors and the community that keeps giving as we teach, and they they teach and so on. Extra special thanks to Margaret, Martin, Ceci, Katie, Rebecca, Lilly, Vikki, and Mina. And even to and Juan for helping the TEFLocal community live in the academy for a short while as we brought it back from nothing only to watch it taken without respect or the good ethics we tried to instill along the way. TEFLocal has achieved its dream with recognition along the way. We were voted social ambassadors for HELP Argentina, and donated thousands to the people and grassroots organizations on Argentina. There are other things too, like the conducive environment we created for students that got to meet life-long friends, countless trips into the community, volunteering in the rainforest, the barrios, the stimulation of the local economy, cultural outings, dancing, eating, drinking, and parties at employees and students place of rest. TEFL will still stand against corruption in TEFL abroad, but as of today the last students of our 3 year course will walk out into the streets of Buenos Aires and be free to teach, free to open minds, and free to travel the world and touch people with peace. Thank you TEFLocals. – A. Ryan Thompson, founder of TEFLocal & ESL teacher so happy to have helped.



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2 responses to “Thank you TEFLocals.

  1. Danae


    My name is Danae. I came across the TEFLocal brochure when researching language institutes in Buenos Aires. I plan to move to BA by the end of the month (Jan ’08), and was thrilled to find a school that was socially concsious and culturally immersed, and like you state “an alternative to the status quo TEFL industry “. It seemed I had found exactly the type of school and TEFL program I have dreamed of. I was very sorry, as I read on in the blogs, to learn of TEFLocal’s misfortune and mistreatment by TEFL international. I can only hope that TEFLocal has not allowed itself to be defeated and that they have started fresh elsewhere in the city. Though I have not found any information to this affect, please please let me know if there is.

    In hopes of TEFLocal’s existence,

  2. Dang. That’s too bad to hear the program didn’t make it. And just recently I learned of it and became interested in what was offered.

    As Danae suggested, I too hope for its revival elsewhere, if not in Buenos Aires or Argentina then in a neighboring country.

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