The Facebook TEFL Group.

facebook teflThanks for joining the Facebook TEFL group. We are the original group & also the best. It is worth your while to join, so that you can rely on accountable reviews. Please know that other Pure-for-profit companies have started their own Facebook group pages after our community driven lead. So, with this in mind go to the Original TEFL group for information from students rather than a company website filled with agents & marketers.

THiNK about it.

Ask other students from the original Facebook TEFL group before you think about signing up places. Or just ask us, we are open and community driven.

There is also an Original MySpace TEFL group, named, 🙂



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2 responses to “The Facebook TEFL Group.

  1. Mike Anderson

    thank you for the face book group. I have met cool people on there and like this blog. The group is cool because I can tell who people are, unlike ESL Cafe where everyone says anything.
    Michael Anderson.

  2. Brett Stepke

    i heard that you guys are closing and heard what happened in Buenos Aires. That’s F****** crazy! I can’t believe that big tefl school stole your school. Just more corruption in tesl that proves that you guys cant trust snakes in the grass, thanks for the trip.

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